Sunrise Ins Group

Sunrise Ins Group has established since 2012 is the largest manufactures and suppliers of all agricultural products with good qualities from Viet Nam and around the world. After several years of experience, the company has constantly affirmed brand position in the market and trust with customers. At present, the company's products have been exported to many countries and regions, along with the extensive distribution system in the country. The company constantly is the Ministry of Industry and Trade Vietnam decided to recognize the title of Vietnam's export reputation.

Name of Business Scope

  • Business, processing and exporting of agricultural products, rice, spices, fruits, seafood
  • Invest and copporate with partners in domestic/ oversea for suppermakets, restaurants, trading agents
  • Invest and copporate with farmers to grow- supply material ( rice, pepper, cassia,coffee, coconut, fruits etc..)
  • Sales, purchase of foodsuff for cattle, fowl, aquatic, sea variety, class fertilizer etc..
  • Import, export products, goods of business company;
  • Oceanic product cultivation;
  • Domestic product cultivation;
  • Production of food, processed food;
  • Production of organic products
  • Retailing of food, foodstuff, drink

For conditioned business lines, the enterprise's business will be carried out upon meeting regulations of Law.


  • Create a difference, driving value and inspire confidence and loyalty to customers.
  • Deliver rational returns and maintain sustainable company growth for stakeholders.
  • Cultivate a warm and proactive environment for excellent employee development an welfare.
  • Improve farmer's lives through partnership with them and give positive impact to the community.
  • Committed to green farming practices to protect the environment sustainably.

Core value: PASSION - We are inspired and motivated by our dedication to deliver excellence in everything that we do. TRUST - We uphold and nurture integrity in both internail and external aspects of our business. PROFESSIONALISM - We consistently deliver quality and value every day. INNOVATION - We use creativity and insight to create solutions that enable us to maximize opportunities and manage risks in creating positive change for the conpany.