Safe shopping rules

B2B-FAIR.ONLINE is a business announcement portal where companies from around the world sell their products. Each of them has its own terms of payment, delivery, service guarantees, B2B-FAIR.ONLINE does not interfere in the terms of transactions.

1. Carefully study the information about the seller, the terms of the order, delivery, payment, return and warranty service.

Pay attention to how many years the supplier has been on the market, study reviews, data about partners and customers.
Read the information about the product/service you are about to purchase. Read the description and all its characteristics carefully.
Before placing an order, be sure to specify the procedure and conditions for the return and exchange of goods, the terms of warranty service from the seller or manufacturer.

2. Request constituent documents, check the company in the state register

Do not settle for an advance payment if you are not sure about the reliability of the company.
If the supplier is not credible, you can ask to send the charter and other documents. Knowing the unique number (code) that a legal entity receives during registration, you can check the registration of a legal entity. persons according to the state register.

3. Keep all correspondence with the seller

Keep all correspondence with the seller until the receipt of the order.
Keep everything you need to prove your purchase: checks, money orders, bank statements, warranty cards, postal declarations, phone numbers and any other documents that you received from the seller (company).
If any damage or inconsistency of the product with the parameters that were indicated in its description on the website is found, contact the delivery service employee to draw up a parcel/order inspection report and immediately contact the seller of this product to resolve the problem.
When ordering cash on delivery, immediately refuse to receive goods that do not correspond to those declared on the site, do not pick up the goods from the post office.

4. Do not transfer personal data to third parties.
Do not give strangers your personal data, namely:

PIN code of your card;
your login or password to enter your personal account;
data of the passport, registration, other documents.

5. Keep proof of purchase

6. Check your order upon receipt

What is the advantage of B2B-FAIR.ONLINE compared to other popular marketplaces?
1. Everything is free, no% of the transaction, no restrictions on the number of goods, contacts are open, wide range of goods.
2. Automatic placement of goods on the large Russian retail marketplace Yandex.Market.
3. Convenient personal account, online messenger, fast loading of goods from excel, csv, YML.
4. Manual lead generation. We advise you not to wait until the buyer enters the site and purchases the goods - start positioning your goods yourself, find export partners for the hosted companies. Access to international marketplaces, closed databases of goods and services in the field of export contracting will help you to reach large foreign distributors and wholesalers.

We have extensive experience working with absolutely different goods: from agricultural products to the localization of large industrial companies.

5. Major distributors around the world will recognize you!