Terms of use

User agreement and Agreement for the processing of personal data.

General rules:
By posting information about the company, users accept this User Agreement and the Agreement for the processing of personal data.
1.1 All responsibility for the accuracy and legality of the placement of information published on the site "B2B-FAIR" ( is borne by those legal entities and individuals who published it. "B2B-FAIR" ( only provides a platform for posting information and, in the event of a request from law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation or other countries, removes prohibited information.
1.2 Information about organizations and products on the site "B2B-FAIR" ( is presented in the form in which it was posted by the user. "B2B-FAIR" ( is not responsible for the legality, correctness and completeness of the information provided by users of this site. Information posted on the site by users must comply with the laws of the Russian Federation and the countries in which users operate.
1.2.1. >span class="jCAhz ChMk0b" jscontroller="Gn4SMb">An order can be formed only by Users who are business entities (legal entities, individual entrepreneurs).
1.3 The administration of the site "B2B-FAIR" ( is not responsible for direct or indirect damage to users who decide to use the information posted on the site.
1.4 The administration of the site "B2B-FAIR" ( does not participate in legal relations between legal entities or individuals who have entered into a certain transaction with each other using this catalog.
1.5 The administration of "B2B-FAIR" ( makes every effort to exclude the publication of information that violates the law, but cannot completely exclude the possibility of such violations.
1.6 The administration of the site "B2B-FAIR" ( has the right to block the ability to edit information, change or delete any published materials if they violate the placement rules specified in clauses 2.1-2.7, without warning or notifying anyone was.

2. Rules for publishing information:
Information about organizations and private entrepreneurs engaged in the wholesale supply of goods or services for business is accepted for placement in the catalog;
2.1 It is forbidden to publish deliberately false information;
2.2 It is forbidden to publish information, the content of which does not fit the selected section;
2.3 It is forbidden to publish identical information several times;
2.4 It is forbidden to add html code or incomprehensible characters;
2.5 It is forbidden to place links to Internet resources in fields not intended for this;
2.6 Contact information should be placed in the appropriate fields, but not in the description text.
2.7. Information posted on the B2B-FAIR website ( must:
• comply with the laws of the Russian Federation;
• be correctly designed in Russian or English;
• contain information only about the economic activities of legal entities;
• when placing data through the entry forms of the site "B2B-FAIR" (, the entered information must correspond to the title and description of the corresponding page and input element.
2.8. Advertising and / or sale of certain goods or services is limited by applicable law and is possible only if there are documents confirming the compliance of the goods or services with the requirements of the law. If the goods or services advertised and / or sold by you are subject to mandatory certification, registration and / or licensing, for advertising placement, please provide the Buyer, upon request, with documents confirming such certification, registration and / or licensing. Documents confirming the compliance of goods or services with legal requirements may also be requested in other cases.

2.9. It is forbidden to post:
• illegally obtained private or confidential information;
• information about goods and services that do not comply with the laws of the Russian Federation, violate the laws of the Russian Federation, are prohibited from displaying in the Russian Federation or violate the rights of third parties;
• information that violates the copyright and exclusive rights of third parties;
• information with erotic and/or pornographic and obscene content;
• information related to violence;
• information containing offensive content;
• spam, malware and viruses (including links);
• information about earnings on the Internet
2.10 Prohibited for sale on B2B-FIAR.ONLINE
Medicine and health
1. Prescription drugs;
2. Medicinal raw materials obtained from reindeer breeding (for example, deer antlers, pantorin);
3. Human organs and tissues, donor services, services of surrogate mothers. drugs
4. Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, their precursors, as well as any products for their use

Flora and fauna
5. Animals, birds, fish, plants and other organisms listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation, the Red Books of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation or protected by international treaties, their parts and derivatives (stuffed animals, skins, bone trophies, etc.), any goods of which (clothing, accessories, interior items, food, etc.)
6. Goods and services that can be used for poaching and other illegal capture of animals, birds or fish (for example, electric fishing rods, fishing nets, foot traps, animal training services)
7. Zoos (including their sale); services involving the use of animals for cultural and entertainment purposes; any goods and services that may be aimed at cruelty to animals or birds Material and currency values
8. Foreign currency and other currency values, coins and banknotes in circulation, except for their sale and purchase for numismatic purposes;
9. Cryptocurrencies and services related to their circulation;
10. Securities other than securities for collection purposes that are clearly expired or marked invalid/cancelled/redeemed
11. Precious metals, natural gemstones and pearls (excluding jewelry made from them)
12. State awards of the Russian Federation, the RSFSR, the USSR, as well as their copies, dummies and models
13. Gaming equipment used for gambling; lottery equipment.

Goods and services that violate intellectual property rights
14. Counterfeit goods - goods that illegally use trademarks of brands or imitate the appearance of original goods (for example, replicas / fakes of designer clothes or accessories, phones)
15. Stolen goods or property.
16. Pirated products (such as unlicensed movies and games)
17. Digital devices with illegally replaced software or with impaired operation of the technical protection means installed by the copyright holder (for example, smartphones, tablets or navigators with firmware)
18. Testers and other promotional products not for sale Other goods and services
19. Explosives and materials
20. Weapons (including hunting, pneumatic, civilian, airsoft, paintball, souvenir and decorative weapons), accessories for it, its copies; knives, except for kitchen, penknife and office knives;
21. Encryption technology, technical means designed for listening and other secret obtaining of information, as well as related documents;
22. Campaign materials, ballot papers and other goods and services related to the exercise of political rights;
23. Extremist materials and items with Nazi symbols
24. Any goods and services, the circulation of which is restricted or prohibited, or which may be aimed at violating the legislation of the Russian Federation, including:
a. Contact or credentials, including phone numbers, email addresses, messenger accounts, social networks, blogs and forums, instant messaging systems, games, and more
b. SIM cards and connection services to mobile operators
c. Flip frames for license plates, magnets for illegal meter adjustments, quick-release frames for license plates for cars, anti-tow trucks, illegal speedometer adjustment services, universal keys for intercoms, electric meters with a remote control, etc.
d. Goods and services associated with illegal circulation or forgery of state numbers or documents for vehicles, or other official documents granting rights or releasing obligations (for example, state certificates, licenses, permits, signs, passes, strict reporting forms), except for items for collectibles that are clearly expired or marked invalid/cancelled/redeemed
e. Ready-made diploma and term papers, dissertations, etc., as well as services for their writing f. Goods with information about distance selling, if their remote sale is prohibited

g. Goods and services without registration, certification, licenses or permits, when their passage or receipt is mandatory

2.11. Content that violates Google's Publisher Restrictions Policy ( may be removed from publishing.

3. Rules for the use of information
3.1. In case of copying any information from the site "B2B-FAIR" ( to other sites, it is obligatory to keep a direct link to the original page "B2B-FAIR" (; 
3.2. Collection of information from the site "B2B-FAIR" (, by any programs (parsers) is prohibited. It is forbidden to copy information available only on paid plans (in particular, customer contacts).
3.3. In accordance with Article 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the fact of registration on the Site is considered unconditional acceptance (acceptance) of the terms of these Rules and Conditions.
3.4. Using the services of the Site, the User is also in accordance with Part 1 of Art. 18 of the Federal Law "On Advertising" gives its consent to receive advertising messages. The User agrees to the Site Owner to notify other Site Users of the User's public actions, including the posting of new publications by him, as well as other activities performed by him within the framework of the Site service.
3.5. A link (in any form) to any site, product, service, any information of a commercial or non-commercial nature posted on the Site does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of these products (services, activities) by "B2B-FAIR" ( ), except as expressly stated on the Site.
3.6. "B2B-FAIR" ( assumes no responsibility, including for the compliance of the services with the User's goals.

- the quality of any product, service, information, etc. obtained using the services will meet the User's expectations.
- the service of the Site complies/will comply with the requirements of the User;
- the services of the Site will be provided continuously, quickly, reliably and without errors;
- the information contained in the User Profiles is true and complete.
- the results that can be obtained using the services will be accurate and reliable and can be used for any purpose or in any capacity (for example, to establish and / or confirm any facts); Any information and / or materials accessed by the User using the Site service, the User can use at his own peril and risk and is solely responsible for the possible consequences of using the specified information and / or materials, including for the damage that this may cause the User or third parties, for loss of data or any other harm. "B2B-FAIR" ( is not responsible for any types of losses resulting from the use of the Site service by the User.
3.7. Under any circumstances, the liability of "B2B-FAIR" ( in accordance with Article 15 of the Civil Code of Russia is limited to 10,000 (ten thousand) rubles of the Russian Federation and is assigned to him if there is guilt in his actions.
3.8. "B2B-FAIR" ( does not acquire rights and is not liable for transactions concluded between Users of the Site, even if "B2B-FAIR" ( or the Site were mentioned in transaction or conclusion of a transaction related to the use of the Site. "B2B-FAIR" ( is not responsible for possible illegal actions of the User or third parties.
3.9. In the event that "B2B-FAIR" ( is held liable for the actions of the User, the latter undertakes to intervene as a co-defendant and subsequently reimburse all amounts of fines, penalties, forfeits and other amounts collected from "B2B-FAIR" ( due to violation by the User of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions or the legislation of the Russian Federation. AGREEMENT FOR THE PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA
• By providing his personal data, the User agrees to the processing, storage and use of his personal data on the basis of Federal Law No. 152-FZ "On Personal Data" dated July 27, 2006 for the following purposes:
• Personal data means any information of a personal nature that makes it possible to identify the User, such as:
• Users' personal data is stored exclusively on electronic media and processed using automated systems, except when non-automated processing of personal data is necessary in connection with the fulfillment of legal requirements.
• The personal data of the Users indicated by them in the registration form as contact information are posted on the site in the public domain.
• The Company undertakes not to transfer the received personal data to third parties, except in the following cases:
• At the request of the authorized state authorities of the Russian Federation only on the grounds and in the manner established by the legislation of the Russian Federation
• Strategic partners who work with the Company to provide products and services, or those who help the Company sell products and services to consumers. We provide third parties with the minimum amount of personal data necessary only to provide the required service or complete the necessary transaction.
- Implementation of customer support;
- Receipt by the User of information about marketing events;
- Conducting audits and other internal studies in order to improve the quality of services provided, etc.
• First Name Last Name;
• Company name;
• A country;
• Job title;
• Contact number
• E-mail address
• Mailing address
Changes to the terms of these rules come into force after they are published on the Site.