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About company

B2B-FAIR.ONLINE is an international b2b2c platform for cross-border trade for quick and easy search for business partners, wholesale suppliers and buyers from more than 70 countries: BRICS, SCO, CIS, Latin America, Africa, including Russia, China, Vietnam , India, Turkey, Tunisia, Pakistan, Ecuador, Brazil, Uzbekistan, Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Peru, Singapore, Zambia, Argentina, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Chile, UAE and others.

On B2B-FAIR.ONLINE you can find wholesale suppliers or buyers, buy or sell goods wholesale and/or retail through partner marketplaces, and establish connections with Russian retail chains. Import and export goods.

Platform operates in Russian, English and Chinese.

Thousands of products are presented on, 80+ categories, thousands of suppliers from 70+ countries.

How to find a product or supplier?

1. way. The buyer finds the product in the catalog or directly contacts the wholesale supplier through the search bar. The supplier and buyer, without intermediaries, agree on the terms of the transaction in the online chat. It is possible to use the “save product” and/or “compare product” functions.

2. way. The buyer submits the order. We inform all suppliers in the category. Suppliers send proposals directly to the buyer.

If necessary, you can use transaction support services: delivery, payment, company verification, certification, etc.

What is the price?

For the buyer - free of charge.
For the supplier – Choose a convenient tariff. There is a free one

Nice bonuses:

The supplier and buyer do not pay a percentage of the transaction, do not pay for presence on the site, and suppliers do not pay for traffic.

When ordering online, please specify: documents confirming the quality of the product, conditions and terms of delivery, payment, storage of goods. To do this, write directly to the suppliers: on the product page, click “ask a question”.

B2B-FAIR.ONLINE implements the DBS model: the seller sells goods from his own warehouse and organizes logistics to the buyer himself.

This allows:
- set competitive prices by saving on logistics, packaging and storage of goods;
- directly offer customers convenient delivery methods and terms;
- promptly provide discounts to customers.

Payment for goods is made according to the terms specified in the supply agreement. After placing an order on the platform, the supplier will contact you to conclude this contract. To contact the supplier before placing an order, write to him in the built-in online chat “Ask a question” on the supplier or product page.

Buyer can find the product on the platform using the search bar or the product catalog in the main menu.

B2B-FAIR.ONLINE platform is implemented and owned by the ANO "International Council for Economic Cooperation of Regions"