Trademark registration

Trademark, or brand, is usually words or images registered in the patent office.

The following can be registered as a trademark: label, packaging, product shape, sound, hologram, etc., if they comply with the requirements of the law. Names and logos are most often registered.

Main purpose of registration is to become the sole copyright holder of the name and prohibit everyone else from using the same or similar name.

So that buyers can distinguish one company and product from another, and entrepreneurs do not suffer damage and can protect the market from counterfeits. With a registered trademark, you can confirm the right to advertise and sell goods, as well as enter its customs register and transport goods.

When is it not necessary to register a trademark?

If the name of your store is not unique and simply refers to the products themselves, for example, “Furniture”, “Fruits and Vegetables”, Beautiful Flowers”, and most buyers already know you, then registration of a trademark is not necessary.

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