Hebei Rongxing Driving Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.
Hebei Rongxing Driving Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.  is a professional R&D and manufacturer of couplings, cardan shafts and gearboxes with a registered capital of 36.88 million. The company covers an area of 55 acres, with a production workshop of 12,000 square meters and 108 production equipment. With strong strength, advanced technological process and more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, the company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification. It was recognized as a high-tech enterprise by Hebei Province Industry and Information Technology. It is a member unit of transmission connecting parts of China Machinery General Parts Industry Association, and has eight utility model patent certificates. The company's leading products mainly include elastic couplings, rigid couplings and other dozens of series of couplings with thousands of specifications, which are widely used in metallurgy, mining, cement, paper, electric power, chemical... More
Hebei Yongkun Metal Products Co.,ltd
HeBei YongKun Metal Products Co., Ltd. Is located, in Anping County, Hebei Province, which is China's Wire mesh Capital and the most famous wire mesh production base around the world. The company is committed to the research, development, production and sales of different wiremesh products, including wire mesh, deep processing of wiremesh,welded wiremesh, steel welded wiremesh, welded wiremesh, barbed wire, hexagonal wiremesh, stainless steel wire mesh, square mesh, mobile fence, 358 guardrail and other related products. Our products are good-looking, safe, and far exceed the highest standards of today's domestic industry products in terms of overall design and environmental protection. They are easier to install and can be used longer. Our company has been committed to technological innovation, scientific management, and integrity management, focusing on the introduction of advanced production technology and equipment. We strictly control the key links from raw material procurement, production... More
Компания «Hummuskasa» - Производитель высококачественного хумуса в России Компания «Hummuskasa» производит высококачественный кошерный продукт, который прошел кошер-сертификацию в Департаменте кашрута при Главом Раввинате России. Продукт соответствует всем нормам, которые предъявляются к кошерной продукции. В производстве используется высокотехнологичное оборудование немецких, американских и израильских производителей. Запуск производства осуществлялся под контролем представителя изготовителя оборудования, а также технологом из Израиля. Оборудование позволяет производить высококачественный хумус по оригинальной рецептуре. В состав продукта входят натуральные компоненты без добавок, ароматизаторов и красителей. Производство способно выпускать более 100 тонн готовой продукции в месяц. Ниже представлена продукция Hummuskasa, которую Вы можете купить в нашем интернет магазине или на сайтах партнерах. Кунжут обжаренный тертый (Тхина) Хумус иерусалимский Хумус классический Хумус с... More
Jögel — это спортивный бренд, занимающийся выпуском качественной и стильной продукции для любителей и профессионалов. Миссией бренда является борьба за социальную справедливость в спорте.
Kanak Metal & Alloy Steel
Kanak Metal & Alloys  is a major supplier and exporter of Pipe Fittings in the global market. Kanak Metal & Alloys has grown due to its large stock of  Pipe Fittings  in all grades, sizes, and thicknesses, as well as product quality supported by efficient after-sales service.
Kean Zhuolu Technical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Kean Zhuolu Technical Equipment Co.,Ltd has already involved in chemical and sanitary equipment from 2010. Our factory is equipped with 11,770 square meters of manufacturing space and 150 professional staff. Our technical team has rich experience with more than 20 years in the pharmaceutical industries. KEAN Zhuolu has a wide range of products, including stainless-steel single tank, large stainless-steel multiple and complex tanks, auto-control bio fermenters, reactors, aseptic magnetic mixing tanks, tube heat exchangers, filters, centrifugal pumps, diaphragm valves, sampling valves and etc..