It was a very good experience I got the buyer

Platform helps in finding new suppliers. This method has already been tested for me personally, so people continue to contact again, it is not for nothing that the company has such a good reputation!

I found direct supplier of syrups, now I buy only from him, he even sent samples for testing, now I buy in bulk, the prices are reasonable, the quality of the products themselves is above average

My request to find supplier led to b2b-fiar. I quickly found supplier, sent LOI and signed contract. It is very convenient there is no limits in the choice of delivery and payment services: here you can use the services of one of the partners (and receive a discount), or you can work with your previous partners. We used the services of the bank listed on, and the delivery was carried out by our partner company, with which we have been working for a long time. Very convenient and efficient, many companies on the one site.


Thank you, B2B-FAIR and my Consultant, for all of your efforts in expanding the market for our products. We've add info about products $600,000USD transaction thus far without encountering any fraud. They have paid close attention to all of our requirements and have consistently assisted us in finding purchasers. We now receive 2-5 new leads every day as a result of B2B-FAIR.ONLINE. is an excellent trading platform. With help of this platform I realize even though success in international trade is often easier said than done, now I am selling to Russia and negitiating about export to other countries.
Great great platform!

B2B-FAIR.ONLINE is a good B2B platform. Faced some issues during profile creations, but over all good platform.

Ищите здесь поставщиков для Вайлдберриз и Озон! Всё удобно и быстро! Искала поставщиков товаров для дома, нашла - супер компания, работаем до сих пор! Спасибо!

You can quickly find buyers here! Thanks, I am glad!

Супер платформа!!! Спасибо за полезный ресурс, быстро нашел постоянных покупателей. Причем покупатели нашли мой товар по поиску в браузере на этой платформе. Так что обязательно разместите весь свой товар, тем более помогает сотрудник.

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