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GREENFEED poultry feed is developed by leading experts, optimized for each growth stage of livestock, produced with safe ingredients with no banned substances, with traceable origins

GREENFEED poultry feed – Cost-saving for the optimum livestock efficiency

In order to support poultry farm owners to save feed costs, increase livestock productivity, reduce costs and increase profits, GREENFEED has been cooperating and associating with leading nutrition experts in and outside the country to research and produce of poultry feed products, which follow two criteria:

  • Improve quality, optimize feeding efficiency
  • Reduce feed costs for farm owners

With direct cooperation with nutrition experts, GREENFEED’s poultry feed product line is researched based on nutritional needs at each physiological stage, aimed at protecting the animal intestinal health: food to be easily digested, the nutrients in the feed are well-absorbed. GREENFEED’s feed products are produced with strict technical standards:

  • Adjust and balance nutritional composition according to the needs, physiological stage and production of poultry (large range of products)
  • Improve production processes (material grinding techniques) to maximize animal digestibility
  • The input materials are selected and strictly quality controlled to ensure the quality stability of the product

In addition to nutritional factors, GREENFEED develops the Efficient Farming Solutions that are designed and localized for livestock conditions in Vietnam. The set of solutions aims to help farm owners optimize productivity, efficiency, and achieve sustainable success in livestock production.

  • Barn design and construction consulting solution
  • Breed solution
  • Livestock nutrition solution
  • Farming management solution
  • Biosecurity solutions – Veterinary medicine solution
  • Supply Chain solution




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