Under this motto, a meeting on the digital transformation of the EAEU was held within the framework of the EEF, in which the International Council for Economic Cooperation of Regions with the B2B-FAIR.ONLINE digital platform took part.

The speakers noted that today there are problems with the dependence of countries on components for equipment, while the situation with software is much better.

The Deputy Minister of Digital Development of the Russian Federation spoke about the prospects for digitalization in Russia, but noted the remaining difficulties in the field of radio electronics.

Representatives of each country noted the need not to be competitors to each other, but to work in a unified manner. "We must act as a single whole, complementing each other, using all cooperation opportunities," said Varos Simonyan, EEC Minister for Technology.
Thus, the Vice Minister of Digital Development of Kazakhstan proposed to create data centers in Kazakhstan.

Speakers chose the following significant projects in the field of digitalization of each country:

Russia - State Services
Kazakhstan - video surveillance system "Sergek"
Belarus - EPAM


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