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To begin with, we suggest register as a buyer so that all the functions and capabilities of the platform listed below are available to you. Registration takes no more than 1-2 minutes.

1 way for buyers who know exactly what product they need

In the search bar, write the name of the product, then click on the product you are interested in and a product card will open with its description and characteristics. You can contact the supplier directly and discuss the characteristics of the product, terms of delivery and payment without intermediaries, and agree on a deal. You can also use the additional functions “postpone” or “compare”, which will allow you to choose the most profitable option.

If you want to order a unique product that is not in wide demand, then pay attention to large brands on, such companies can offer exclusive products or make them to order.

2 way, which allows you to select a product by country or region of production.

The country or region of production affects the uniqueness and cost of the product: delivery, payment, paperwork.

To search for a product using filters by country and region of production, click “Menu”, then “Catalogue”, select a category. A list of products presented in the category will open. You can apply filters on the left to select products by country or region of production.

Click on a product to open its card with a description and online chat with the supplier.

It is more convenient to meet with local manufacturers who operate within the purchasing country, see their enterprises, and establish personal business contacts. You will not have to deal with issuing certificates, the cost of delivery will be less than from abroad. But! There are chances that your competitors are also buying there.

Among foreign suppliers you can find both popular products and those that are less represented or not yet presented on the market of your country (products of wide demand - high competition with large brands, exclusive products - no/little competition). When choosing such product, you will be able to discuss all the conditions for processing documents, delivery, payment, etc., and pre-calculate the risks.

To save time on finding a reliable logistics company, a bank that carries out transfers in the required currency, certification centers, an agency for assessing the reliability of a partner, etc., we have prepared lists of companies that provide services related to import and export. Contacts and information about companies can be found in the main Menu.

3 way is the easiest

You can send us a request to search for a product/supplier, and we will send it to all our suppliers in the category. To do this, click in the top menu or main menu “For Buyer”, then “Send a request to search for a product/supplier”. Or at the bottom of the main page, click on the special yellow banner “Send a request to search for a product/supplier.”

If you are not registered, then in all 3 ways the platform will prompt you to register.

To get the largest number of supplier responses, you can use all options!

We hope that the article was useful to you!


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