Retail is growing faster than the B2B segment. This is associated with the high cost of acquiring new customers and the need to build long-term relationships with existing customers.

Rinat Golda, General Director of the International Council for Economic Cooperation of Regions, as well as, regularly speaks and tells entrepreneurs from different countries about the capabilities of the platform to support manufacturers at all stages of the transaction from the emergence of a need to payment, delivery and closing of the transaction.

This week, Golda Rinat presented the possibilities of the platform for representatives of delegations from Hainan and Jiangsu provinces.

We have prepared a video about how it was

Thus, the presents goods from a wide list of categories: food and drinks, cosmetics, equipment, medicine, mechanical engineering, and others.

These are, for example, unique Russian jam from pine cones and fragrant honey, sauces from aromatic spices and herbs of India, fresh fruits and vegetables from Egypt and Iran, coffee and mango from Ecuador, special construction equipment, machines from China, unique cinnamon extracts from Sri Lanka and more.

Goods from Russia are traditionally in demand in China, especially Chinese partners are interested in food products: confectionery, honey and milk, as well as fertilizers, oils and wood.

Buyers from Russia are interested in machine tools, excavators, electronics, cars, trucks, tires and auto parts, as well as clothing from China.

On, the buyer and seller interact directly and there are no commissions on the platform, so the cost of the product does not increase due to commissions.

It is also very relevant that exporters can solve basic issues of logistics, payment, certification, and others using the services hosted on the platform. The team regularly expands the list of reliable partners of logistics and banking services.

Join the platform. Buy and sell in bulk in 70+ countries. 


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