Are you planning to start selling wholesale online and open your own online store? Do you want to expand the range of goods for an existing store?

We have to constantly search for reliable suppliers, the market is dynamic, new companies with better conditions appear. We have identified the main problems in the B2B sector:

  • Важность личных встреч
  • Длинный цикл сделки (чем больше компания, тем длиннее)
  • Надежность (отгрузки вовремя, надлежащее качество и пр.)
  • В интернете нет разделения товаров на B2B и B2C, сложно найти поставщика необходимого объема товара
  • The Importance of Face-to-face Meetings
  • Long cycle of the transaction (the larger the company, the longer) 
  • Reliability (deliveries on time, proper quality, etc.) 
  • On the Internet, there is no separation of goods into B2B and B2C, it is difficult to find a supplier of the required volume of goods

Which search instruments work best:

  • exhibitions
  • electronic trading platforms, electronic catalogs 
  • social networks and expert communities 
  • search engines


More about each instrument:

- participate in exhibitions, fairs, thematic conferences. At the exhibitions you can find major suppliers and newcomers with a unique, new product for the market. Feel free to discuss all the terms of delivery, discounts and additional bonuses.

Pros: you can see, feel the goods, directly discuss all the conditions: price, delivery and payment format, agree on discounts and bonuses.

Cons: exhibitions and events are not held every day, sometimes the visit is paid.

We ourselves regularly participate in exhibitions, organize events within the framework of business programs. Write to us, let's get acquainted! And you can find exhibitions on the websites of major exhibition operators.


- information about all suppliers and their products is collected on electronic trading platforms, electronic catalogs. Choose a product and contact the supplier online at any time, anywhere, negotiate the cost, terms of delivery and payment.

Pros: You can contact anywhere, at a convenient time for you. Lots of contacts in one place.

Cons: not all sites have up-to-date information, perhaps some companies no longer exist, you have to search for a long time. (Attention: we took into account this minus on B2B-FAIR.ONLINE, suppliers that have not been active for more than a year become unavailable for viewing by buyers).

At B2B-FAIR.ONLINE, we tried to take into account all the wishes of our customers: send a message with the name of the product, any necessary characteristics (it will take you no more than 1 minute) and we will send your request to all our suppliers, and they will contact you directly.

Optlist,, B2B-FAIR.ONLINE are convenient platforms for finding suppliers.

- participate in the maximum possible number of expert communities in social networks, participate in discussions, ask questions. Write a direct request to search for a partner, supplier in any convenient form and potential suppliers will already contact you.

Pros: Familiar page format, anywhere and at a convenient time.

Cons: Few contacts, great chance to meet scammers, unscrupulous suppliers. Often there are small companies: it means that deliveries will be in limited volumes and, possibly, not on time.


- type in the search the keywords of the products you need, including the words "wholesale" etc., and study the presented web pages. Not all manufacturers are actively promoting their sites, be patient when searching and look, for example, up to 10 - 15 search pages.

Pros: familiar, understandable

Cons: It often happens like this: reliable suppliers do not need additional advertising and an SEO specialist to bring their page to the main search engine. The prices of those who caught you right away may be higher than the market, it is worth comparing them with other options.


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