On June 26, the Moscow Conference of Sino-Russian Entrepreneurs on Establishing Trade and Economic Relationes was held.

The conference was held in the famous Chinese restaurant "Golden Horse" in Moscow. During the event, representatives of the authorities of Russia and the subjects of the Russian Federation, and Chinese business spoke.

Today, China is recognized as one of Russia's key partners. One of the areas of cooperation is the export of Russian agricultural products to the Chinese market. Growth for the I quarter compared to the same period last year amounted to 91%. On you can find wholesale suppliers from different regions of Russia. You can find fresh cucumbers, sweet tomatoes, forest berries, juicy greens and much more at

Russian-Chinese trade and economic relations are actively developing because there is a steady demand for Russian goods in China and for Chinese goods in Russia. For example, food products from Russia and cosmetics are very popular in China, as they are considered environmentally friendly and of high quality.

I am inspired by events where business representatives share specific proposals for cooperation, and this is exactly what happened at this event.

It was also very interesting to hear about Chinese traditional medicine, which is becoming more and more popular in Russia.

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