The Great Silk Road for many years served to bring together different peoples of the world. 

'The Silk Road is a caravan road built in the 2nd century BC. from China to the Mediterranean countries. Along this path, the West and East exchanged goods and technologies, expanded cultural and political ties.'

As part of his visit to China, the CEO of B2B-FAIR.ONLINE visited the representation of partners: a large Chinese wholesale Internet platform in Xinjiang, which brings together entrepreneurs from China, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, and also provides them with services for the delivery and distribution of goods.
B2B-FAIR.ONLINE helps Russian entrepreneurs to participate in international trade with these countries and combine the efforts of two online trading platforms in the development of digitalization of foreign economic activity.

"Today, with the support of more than 55 countries in Asia, Africa and Europe, our platform is reviving the Silk Road in the modern digital space for international cooperation," said B2B-FAIR.ONLINE CEO.

Find a foreign supplier or buyer quickly and at any time, find reliable and most profitable partners in delivery, certification, payment and other related services - all this can be done from anywhere in the world without using additional funds for trips to other countries, intermediary services through platforms e-commerce.

Xinjiang Internet Platform Director: "Xinjiang welcomes the opportunity to jointly develop and revitalize the Silk Road together with partners. In fact, this is our common hope."


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