B2B-FAIR.ONLINE representatives took part in SPIEF-2023.

During the forum, one of the sessions was devoted to the use of online platforms for the sale of SME goods.
Today, it is difficult to ignore online trading platforms. According to surveys, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs believe that online remains the key sales channel for SMEs, providing a significant part of the revenue, and also opens up great opportunities for Russian companies to fill vacant niches and make themselves known nationwide.

Key tips from speakers for working on online platforms:

- pay attention to reviews, reputation management. Communicate with customers, ask them to leave reviews, be sure to respond even to negative reviews, so you show that you are ready to work for customers;

- place all the goods, even if there are 200 or 4000 of them, this increases the reputation of the seller, the buyer did not see the right product at the moment - it means he will buy from another seller (on our platform you can instantly download any amount of goods) ;

- pay special attention to the design of the cards - your product should be noticed among everyone. There used to be a trend: goods on a white, light, neutral background. Today, buyers do not trust photos that are too beautiful, believing that they are heavily edited and do not correspond to reality. Customers want to see what the product looks like in real life. For example, it will be great if you post a photo of the closet in the room, or even better, a video;

- do not be afraid to contact the managers of marketplaces, classifieds, they are on your side, because they are interested in increasing your sales;

- if you want a rapid growth in sales on marketplaces, then you need to invest. For example, you paid for the promotion of one product - potential buyers automatically go to see your other products;

- calculations and analytics are the basis of business, before entering marketplaces, carefully calculate all costs, including sample delivery;

- develop omnichannel: post information about products on all possible sites - this is free advertising.

An interesting question was asked:
Problem: I posted a product, paid for a promotion - they don’t buy, there is no reaction. How to understand what the problem is: the design of the card or an inappropriate classifier?
Solution: two years ago, the answer would have been no, but today there are programs for analytics of views, visits.

Summary of the session: The trend towards e-com is obvious, because it is difficult for SMEs to compete with large companies using the old marketing channels, such as TV.

Marketplaces, classifieds are the most economical option to start: you can start even without goods in stock.


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