How to start selling on B2B-FAIR.ONLINE?

1. Register as a seller (button "Become seller" on the main page).

2. Go to the marketplace website, in the upper right corner, click the "My Account".

3. Enter your login and password from the registration letter on the B2B-FAIR.ONLINE marketplace.

You will be taken to the personal account of the seller.

How to place a product?

4. Click the Products

In the upper right corner, click the "+" button 

A list appears, select "Create a new product"

There is form to fill in information about the product.

Items marked with a red asterisk "*" are mandatory.

If they are not filled in, the product will not be placed on the marketplace.

In addition, the B2B-FAIR.ONLINE marketplace has a function to export product information to Yandex.Market.

This means that when filling out a questionnaire on the B2B-FAIR.ONLINE marketplace, you can also place your product on Yandex.Market.

To do this, you can click the "Yandex.Market" button, specify additional information about your product.

After filling, you must click the "Create" button in the upper right corner.

If you do not want to place a product on Yandex.Market, then after filling out the first questionnaire about your product, also click on the "Create" in the upper right corner.

If you have any questions, you can contact us by e-mail or by phone +7 916 756 32 01 (Anastasia)


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